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Welcome to where you can receive an advice from the Tarot through the Internet.

From the heart of Glastonbury.

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How It Works

I offer diferent types of readings to find the answers you need. It is very simple: First, you have to choose the reading. Then, you have to fill the form with your question and finally, you must make the payment of the reading. Within a few hours, you will receive an email with your Tarot reading, including a photo and a full explanation of your reading. Read more.


Who I Am

My name is Shauri and I work reading Tarot through the Internet. I have created a special method of distance Tarot readings. I have hundreds of happy costumers. I am intuitive, sensitive, helpful, compassionate... I like to help people with the Tarot to find answers, understand a situation, make a decision... Read more.


Online Readings

Here you can find the different tarot readings I offer. Click on any of them to see in detail the characteristics of each reading. You will find a complete explanation of each type of reading. If you have any questions about what kind of reading you need, please contact me for advice.


If you have any questions about the working of online tarot readings, please contact me: