How It Works?

It is very simple, first you have to choose the type of reading you prefer, this will depend on what you want to ask. Then, you have to fill the form, indicating your personal details and the question you want to make to the Tarot. Finally, you must make the payment of the reading through the secure online Paypal payment system. Within a few hours, you will receive an email with the answer to your request, including a photo and a full explanation of your reading.

Choose our reading

First of all, you can review the different types of Online Tarot Readings that I do and choose the one that most interests you depending on the type of query you want to do. If you have any doubts about what reading is good to you just ask me and I will advice you!

My recommendations:

Fill the Contact form

In the Contact Form it is very important to fill: Name and Surname and your Birthdate. When I'm not physically with the person who is making the request, these dates are essential for me to do a correct tarot reading.

If you ask me about your relationship with another person, for example, on issues such as : how do I go with my partner? or what can I do to help my child? I also need the full name and surname and date of birth of this other person. All this information can be included in section Message of the Contact Form.

You can also indicate the reason for your query, taking into account the following aspects:

  • If you request a reading for a general query (astrological, spiritual) it is not necessary indicate the reason for the consultation.
  • But if you are expecting for a specific answer you should make specific questions and choose a more especific reading).
  • Also it is good to make a comment on the context of the question if it can be important in the query.

For example, if I go to a job interview and a need an advice about this, you can request Shauri Tarot Reading and on the field Message indicate something like: Labor Issues, some advice about my job interview of this week?. If I'm between going to work in a company or starting my own business, the most convenient tarot spread would be Decisions Tarot Reading and it will be very important indicate the reason for the request in the fiel Message of the Contact Form.

I want to help you with the best possible advice. In tarot readings for specific questions, if your question is confusing the answer will be not clear. If you place me in the context of the question I can focus my interpretation of the cards much better.

Make the payment

Finally, you have to make payment by paypal or credit card. The steps are very easy following the instructions that will appear when you press the payment button. But if you have some doubt just ask me!

Click on the image if you want to learn more about PayPal:

When will I get the answer to my Tarot Consultation?

You will receive the answer in a guaranteed due date of 48 hours, even on weekends or holiday.

Note that depending on your email inbox or your email settings, the email response may appear in your Spam folder. So, after making the request and while you are waiting for my answer I advise you to check your inbox and your spam mailbox.

What will I receive in response to my Tarot Consultation?

Once I made ​​the Tarot spread I do a photography of it and send it to you by email along with the interpretation of each cards and a conclusion or explanatory text summary of the outcome of the reading.

I also agree to resolve any questions that you may have when you read my response.

You will never receive subsequent mailings, I will never use your email for any other purposes than our communication for your tarot reading. Only if you let me I will keep you up to date of the changes I make on my website if you fancy visiting it and other special offers wich maybe will interest you.

Now, you can start taking a look at Online Tarot Readings.

Photography: Creative Commons - Autor: Mark Hillary

Who I Am

My name is Shauri and I work reading Tarot through the Internet. I have created a special method of distance Tarot readings. I have hundreds of happy costumers. I am intuitive, sensitive, helpful, compassionate... I like to help people with the Tarot to find answers, understand a situation, make a decision... Read more.