Hello, I'm Shauri.

My name is Shauri and I work reading Tarot through the Internet. I have created a special method of distance Tarot readings. I have hundreds of happy costumers. I am intuitive, sensitive, helpful, compassionate... I like to help people with the Tarot to find answers, understand a situation, make a decision...

Do you like to know something more about me?

I'm Tarotist, Naturopath, Reiki Master and Therapist, Bach Flowers and Metamorphic Technique practitioner.

Since my childhood I had experiences with the supernatural, but I did not understand what was happening and I did not know anyone who could guide me to channel my energy. When I started my career as a Reiki practitioner I could make sense of my own life. I continued my training looking for less invasive natural therapies and the more effective for the treatment of people in all aspects of health, both physically and mentally, and emotionally.

Currently I apply these techniques as a therapist in the field of private practice and conducted training courses for other people to benefit them from the experience I have gained.

Nowadays I am living in Glastonbury, in the magical realm of Avalon, where inspired by the energy of this place I make all the tarot readings.

The Tarot is one of my great passions and I developed a method of reading to guide people toward their development and spiritual evolution.

I am the author of this website OnlineTarotReadings.uk and the tarotist that makes all the Online Tarot Readings.

I also collaborate in the website Reikiactivo.com and I am teacher in Aulaespiritual.com, international and spanish websites about Reiki, Spirituality, energies, meditation and more.

I hope you like my website that is constantly evolving as his author and I hope you will visit it often. You can contact me by the form you will find on the web, you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to keep up to date of the latest news and if you request me for a tarot reading it will surprise you how beneficial it may be the Tarot for you.

Warm regards and good luck!


How It Works

It is very simple: First, you have to choose the reading. Then, you have to fill the form with your question and finally, you must make the payment of the reading. Within a few hours, you will receive an email with your Tarot reading, including a photo and a full explanation of your reading. Read more.

What is Tarot?

Tarot is an ancient form of divination or oracle consists of a series of cards with prints of figures, everyday scenes and esoteric symbolism. Its operation is simple, the person who asks a question choose some cards, then the Tarot reader or Tarotist interprets them in the context of the question asked. Read more.