What is Tarot?

If we seek information about Tarot, easily we find definitions and historical references that speak of an ancient form of divination or oracle consists of a series of cards with prints of figures, everyday scenes and esoteric symbolism. Its operation is simple, the person who asks a question choose some cards, then the Tarot reader or Tarotist interprets them in the context of the question asked.

Beyond its function to show us events in the past, present and future, Tarot was used originally as a tool for personal growth, a tool to give advice that was used by spiritual seekers since served them to reveal aspects of their life they had to work and guided them in the right direction. It was like a decoder of universe information that helped people to understand the way they should go in their lives to achieve wisdom.

Spiritual development was never welcomed by the institutions that held power, the government in any form, the Church or the Army, have always tried to exercise a monitoring role over the man, imposing its laws, rules or dogmas, to prevent humans reached their personal freedom, so that, among other things, undertook to discredit the Tarot, reaching a ban and then turning it into a banal game of cards.

Subsequently taken up by unscrupulous people, would become an oracle used exclusively for divination, being relegated its esoteric and spiritual connotation. In recent decades, at this stage of awakening of the human being in which we currently find ourselves, has resumed the highest function of the Tarot.

How Tarot can help us?

When we come into this world we forget all that we know. In this forgetfulness is easy to get lost and stray from the path that we have set as souls. The Tarot is a tool that can help to re-set us on the right direction, gives us guidance on our present and future life so that we can direct our energy to where it suits us. It can also shows us our past so we can understand our present and don't repeat mistakes. The Tarot can help us in making decisions and reveal aspects that remain hidden from our own personality or some situation, it helps us become more aware of ourselves and our lives.

The Tarot also has magical qualities that help move energy around the consultant. It can be seen that when a person consults the Tarot, situations that seemed stalled start flowing, new paths are open, go on new aspects in his life that help him to thrive and achieve his personal goals. Sometimes, it is the Tarot which may ask us questions that we must work in a meditation to understand what cards want to tell us and what changes we must make to our progress.

Therefore, we should not neglect the Tarot, well spent and in the hands of a tarotist that works his spiritual side, it can serve as a great help in our lives and in our development. If you feel in a time of confusion, if you are going through a difficult time in your life, if you think that even if you try it, nothing changes in your favor, if you don not know what direction to take or where to direct your energies ... give a chance to Tarot, will amaze you.

What can I ask to Tarot?

The Tarot can answer any questions, we can use it to more material matters as whether we will find a job that suits us or if we have to change our job, to know if a great love is coming to appear in our lives or if we become millionaires. All these questions can be answered by the Tarot and all questions are valid and what it is trivial for someone may be very important for others. But above all this we must ask what exactly we need to guide us in our lives. It is great to know that a great love is becoming into my life, but in the meantime... what do I do? Will I stay waiting for? That is where Tarot can help us and our question should not focus on a yes or no, whatever the topic, it is always best to ask one how? or why?

Our question can be about higher things, but if we make a wrong question, the answer will not help us or will be confusing. For example if I ask, who I was in a past life? the answer will probably not help me, but if I ask what can I learn about my past life to apply in this? surely I will get a valuable information that I can apply to my current life and move forward in my spiritual development.

Why ask the Tarot on the future if present is all there is?

True, the Present is always the only moment that exists. The past is the mental memory we have of this one day we live. The future, when it comes, will be our present. Consult the Tarot does not mean to be occupying our thoughts in the past or in the future, however, it is a tool that can help us to better understand our present. And the most importantly, it can help us to do changes Here and Now to improve our lives. It is like a small door from which you could see for a moment what happens if, in your present, you keep acting the way you do. If you like your future, go ahead, do not change anything. But if you think there are somethings that could be improved or you want some advice to evolve, you will have information to make these changes and see how they start to move new energy in your life.

I would ask for a Tarot Reading, who can I turn to?

Mi name is Shauri and I do all the Tarot Readings of this website. I make Tarot Readings ranging from material aspects (economy, work, business ...), more personal issues (love, family ...) and also the spiritual side (evolutionary advice, spiritual guidance, energy and chakras ...). Because in order to advance our personal path it is important that all aspects of our lives are in balance, our business going forward will be positive because then we can channel this wealth to our spiritual development, our relationship with our couple and our family are also reflects of the evolutionary stage in which we find ourselves. In short, in OnlineTarotReadings.uk I understand that there are many aspects of the human being that should be in order to advance on the spiritual path and with the help of the Tarot I provide a valuable guidance in different areas of your life. If you want to request an Online Tarot Reading you can choose between various types of readings designed for different needs. Just try it!

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